“We Were Made for These Times…”

We Were Made for These Days

So… here’s another little tidbit about a song on the soon to be released CD. 🙂 In February of this year, I helped with the music for the New Thought Center for Spiritual Living women’s retreat out in Eagle Creek, OR. On the first night, one of the amazing women there came to me saying she had an epiphany while listening to me sing one of my songs that night. She handed me a note saying, “Can we all help write a new song with you this weekend? Here’s the title that came to me: First 100 Days.” … READ MORE


“It just amazes me that I can be part of the energy it takes to serve each other…”

… that’s a line from Carole King’s (rather obscure) song, “One”. It was written in the 70’s and to this day can only be found on vinyl. It’s a glorious piece that I had the honor of singing with the NTCSL  choir last year. So… in planning my new CD (which hasn’t really been “planning”, the way it has all evolvedsara-bareilles-carole-king-grammy-2014-650 so organically), I kind of forgot we had access to the multi-tracks for the performance of that song! Listened last night and just got chills. So powerful. Eric said, “OK, so we HAVE to put this on the CD”. So, voila… the 5-song collection has now become 6. 🙂 It fits in so perfectly with the others. And thinking about this further (I just made this connection last night), it’s pretty cool that the two cover songs on the CD are from two amazing, piano-playing female artists from different generations… but with a strong connection to each other.  Sara Bareilles has sometimes been referred to as the “Carole King of her times”.  My soul resonates with these women… these artists… and what an honor it is to sing their songs… READ MORE

CD Project Update Video

Hello, friends! I just wanted to share a little video update live from “Wild Wish Presents” out here in Battle Ground, WA!

Here is the link tWatch Love Rise Graphicso watch: https://youtu.be/4ystvV3nrVU 

As I write this, we are 70% to the goal to get this product out there! THANK YOU to all who have contributed so far to bring this project to fruition!  We do still have a little ways to go to cover costs, so if you haven’t yet contributed and are inspired to, it’s not too late to kick in and be part of the magic. This indie “heARTist” is so very grateful for the support… I could not to this without it! 🙂

CLICK HERE to Contribute via GoFundMe


New CD in the Works… raising funds for final costs! :-)

Watch Love Rise GraphicsI’m pretty excited to announce that a brand new CD is in the works… one that has been evolving organically over the past few months. Inspiration hit big this past year and some powerful songs emerged. I didn’t really set out to release something new so soon after my 2015 album, “Walk Your Life”… but so goes the artist’s journey… the SOUL’s journey. 🙂 This EP (a collection of about 5 songs at this point), is called “Watch Love Rise”, built around the song that came through me like a thunderbolt last fall… READ MORE

Watch Love Rise…

flock-of-birds-591334_1920.jpgFlashes of inspiration… nudges… “divine leads”. Pretty incredible when you open yourself up to them. But I have to say, the rational mind can get a little wigged out with it all and try to tell you you’re a little cray cray.  Like when you hear Melissa Etheridge singing the song you just wrote. So clearly. In your head. But I digress… more on that later. 😉

I want to talk a little about songwriting inspiration in particular. I’m not the kind of songwriter that cranks out a ton of songs. Or haven’t been, anyway. I tend to wait until I feel something that really needs to be expressed. I have to be inspired. And then I try to get some clarity about it: what is it exactly that needs to be expressed and why? I sit with it. With the muse… with the Great Spirit… with whatever it is inside of me that is wanting to express. Like sitting with a dear friend… just being with them. Listening. Really listening. And allowing the “conversation” between us to unfold. Getting everything out there… raw at first… and then caressing and refining until “we” are singing together. That’s how I know when it’s become a real song. When I can’t get it out of my head. I’m singing it and feeling it and can even hear the full orchestration in my head and being. I become one with the song and the spirit it came from. Pretty amazing, actually… READ MORE

Fall-ing into Harmony…

Yesterday was thlauri_jones_blog_fall-ing_into_harmony.jpge first official day of fall. I love fall. Always have and probably always will. I was also recently reminded that we just came out of a “mercury in retrograde” period. And also, that the Vedic winds have been sweeping and stirring and creating upheaval as we move into the new season. Oh how I love my metaphysical friends! 😉 I don’t follow astrology all that much, but I know I’m very sensitive to energies. So when life as I know it starts to feel a little “off”, unbalanced, or beyond its usual-ness, I have been known to ask around: “ummmm…. is something going on in the ethers I need to know about???” It’s always sort of a relief to hear that there is… that I’m not crazy (necessarily… lol) and that what I need to do is give a little extra attention to grounding and centering rituals, be gentle with myself and others, and ride it all out in faith. It seems to take some pressure off and help ease the self-judgment, anyway!

So. Balance and harmony. Oh so important in life… right??? I realize this especially when I’m feeling otherwise. When things feel black and white. When there is discord. When agreement is hard to come by and everything seems to rub me the wrong way. Ugh. But there is value in having times like this… if for no other reason, to fully appreciate the times when there is a peaceful, natural, harmonious flow going on. It is our nature to seek balance and harmony. And, globally… right now especially… we are most definitely experiencing extremes in terms of beliefs and desires and ideas about what is right, wrong, good, and bad. I have to believe there is value to this. That we are heading into a new season of greater harmony. That things are coming to a head. That all the discord has had to get so unbearable that we are forced (for lack of a better word) to yield to some sort of balance for the greater good… READ MORE

Showing up… Standing in the Questions…

Lauri_Jones_Blog_Showing_Up_Standing_in_the_QuestionsSo… I’m blogging. I don’t know what’s going to come out here, but here I am. Showing up. There’s so much going on in the world right now that my blog topic ideas have been all over the place… and I just haven’t been able to sit myself down and commit to one of them. So I will just start writing with all of them in mind and hope that some thru-line emerges. Bear with me… 😉

So, hey… how are you? Have you been feeling at all like I have?… trying to focus on the simple, sacred, joyous day to day life experience best you can and still be tuned in to what’s going on in the world?… trying to figure out what’s yours to do with it all? Pretty intense stuff these past few weeks. I maintain that in spite of everything (especially what the media feeds us), there is more good than not. But I also know we’ve got to look at things. Not only look, but dig deep. I’m not even sure where to begin here… READ MORE