Watch Love Rise…

flock-of-birds-591334_1920.jpgFlashes of inspiration… nudges… “divine leads”. Pretty incredible when you open yourself up to them. But I have to say, the rational mind can get a little wigged out with it all and try to tell you you’re a little cray cray. ¬†Like when you hear Melissa Etheridge singing the song you just wrote. So clearly. In your head. But I digress… more on that later. ūüėČ

I want to talk a little about songwriting inspiration in particular. I’m not the kind of songwriter that cranks out a ton of songs. Or haven’t been, anyway. I tend to wait until I feel something that really¬†needs¬†to be expressed. I have to be¬†inspired. And then I try to get some clarity about it: what¬†is¬†it exactly that needs to be expressed and¬†why? I sit with it. With the muse… with the Great Spirit… with whatever it is inside of me that is wanting to express. Like sitting with a dear friend… just being with them. Listening. Really listening. And allowing the “conversation” between us to unfold. Getting everything out there… raw at first… and then caressing and refining until “we” are¬†singing¬†together.¬†That’s how I know when it’s become a real song. When I can’t get it out of my head. I’m singing it and feeling it and can even hear the full orchestration in my head and being. I become one with the song and the spirit it came from. Pretty amazing, actually… READ MORE


Fall-ing into Harmony…

Yesterday was thlauri_jones_blog_fall-ing_into_harmony.jpge first official day of fall. I love fall. Always have and probably always will. I was also recently reminded that we just came out of a “mercury in retrograde” period. And also, that the Vedic winds have been sweeping and stirring and creating upheaval as we move into the new season. Oh how I love my metaphysical friends! ūüėČ I don’t follow astrology all that much, but I know I’m very sensitive to energies. So when life as I know it starts to feel a little “off”, unbalanced, or beyond its usual-ness, I have been known to ask around: “ummmm…. is something going on in the ethers I need to know about???” It’s always sort of a relief to hear that there is… that I’m not crazy (necessarily… lol) and that what I need to do is give a little extra attention to grounding and centering rituals, be gentle with myself and others, and ride it all out in faith. It seems to take some pressure off and help ease the self-judgment, anyway!

So. Balance and harmony. Oh so important in life… right??? I realize this especially when I’m feeling otherwise. When things feel black and white. When there is discord. When agreement is hard to come by and everything seems to rub me the wrong way. Ugh. But there is value in having times like this… if for no other reason, to fully appreciate the times when there is a peaceful, natural, harmonious flow going on. It is our nature to seek balance and harmony. And, globally… right now especially… we are most definitely experiencing extremes in terms of beliefs and desires and ideas about what is right, wrong, good, and bad. I have to believe there is value to this. That we are heading into a new season of greater harmony. That things are coming to a head. That all the discord has had to get so unbearable that we are forced (for lack of a better word) to yield to some sort of balance for the greater good… READ MORE


Lauri_Jones_Blog_StretchingI’ve been doing some pondering (what, me?) ūüėČ … kind of about the whole spiritual concept that we are “whole, perfect, and complete” just as we are. This is the heart of spiritual principle and something we hear and say a lot. But do we really get what that means? And is it possible to sometimes misuse… or, dare I say… abuse this knowledge?

But first let me say that yes… yes, we absolutely are¬†whole, perfect and complete. There is a spirit in us, an essence, that is pure, unconditional love… and unconditionally loving and lovable. One with God. One with the Universe. This is the deep down Truth that I believe and hold dear. My song lyrics reflect this:¬† that “it’s enough”… that all you need to do is “come back to your heart… to all that you are”… and that “love will provide”. I believe all of these things. Yet, I kind of think there is a danger in how we interpret this. Yes, grace is essential in this thing we call “being human”…¬† allowing grace for ourselves and others along life’s journey. But maybe… just maybe… we sometimes use “I am perfect just the way I am” to justify certain things… and maybe we let ourselves off the hook a little too easily when we know we can be doing better. And by “doing better”, I mean loving better. Loving our bodies better by taking better care of them. Loving each other better. Loving our planet better. Loving by taking loving action… READ MORE

Needs Improvement???

Lauri_Jones_Blog_Needs_ImprovementThis week, in an attempt to “clean house”, I went through old documents in an accordian file… various documents from the past decade or so… literally “shredding” my past. Wow. All kinds of feelings came up, some of them unexpected, as I revisited years gone by. In addition to a “mood journal” from 11 years ago (What a trip! More on that later…), there was rental information from a variety of living scenarios, health records, check stubs and past employment documents. I’ve been so happy and at peace lately… living freer than I ever have in so many ways… that I had almost forgotten some of the trials and tribulations along my journey that brought me to where I am now. Uncomfortable as it was pouring through some of that paperwork, it gave me an even greater appreciation for where I am today. The lyrics to my song, What Falls Away, have never felt so true: “the hurting, the crying… the stumbling and trying… all part of a greater good… what falls away, brings me closer to what I’m meant to be…”. And, just to be clear, it’s not that things just… ta da!… fall away like magic. It’s more about becoming aware of the things that are no longer serving our real selves and allowing them to fall away. And that process often takes great courage and strength. Growth… as in real change… is not necessarily meant to be comfortable… READ MORE

The Secret o’ Life…

Lauri_Jones_Blog_Secret_o'_Life“Try not to try too hard… it’s just a lovely ride”. These are the simple and wise words of James Taylor from his song “Secret o’ Life”. It’s a line that always gets me. You see, there’s kind of a danger in living a conscious life. There’s often this tendency to¬† overanalyze and try too hard to “get it right”. I know this has been my experience, anyway. That line of the song instantly calms me… reassures me… and even gets me to sort of laugh at myself. Levity. Ease. Grace. The Big Exhale.

To allow the “ride” part of the journey, we have to see life as such. When we “take a ride”, we have to allow ourselves to be carried… to flow with all the twists and turns and bumps in the road. This doesn’t mean we just go whichever way the wind blows… it means we lay down a road of intention and allow the wheels to align with it…¬† Read More

One Love… Just Imagine.

One Love… Just Imagine.

One Love

You Tube link: Imagine – Interpreted & performed by Lauri Jones – with photography

Perhaps my greatest ode to¬†the concept of “one love” is a photo¬†video I¬†created¬†to my very own interpretation of John Lennon’s timelessly profound song,¬†“Imagine” (from my latest¬†album). It is a beautiful¬†and moving piece celebrating the vision of oneness.

“You may say I’m a dreamer… but I know I’m not the only one… I know one day we will join up… and this world will live as one…¬† we are one… the world is one… just imagine…”

Meditate on the song… the pictures… the melody… the words… and send this energy out into a world that needs it.

Namaste, my friends.

Imagine – Interpreted and performed by Lauri Jones – with Photography