There Has to be an Invisible Sun…

‘Tis the winter season. Well… it’s February, so yeah, this is a fact. Cold, dark days that encourage us tMontgomery Jones - Invisible Sun - Cover Pico hunker down and take cover under a warm, snuggly blanket. And then there is the symbolism of winter. As in “the winter of our discontent” and the “dark days of winter”. Individually and collectively, it is a season where we are sitting with the darkness… trying to make sense of it all. Particularly, in this season of our nation’s evolution, we are facing the most extreme case of conflicting moral vision. We are struggling to see the light as to where we are going… together. And… what I know… what I believe… is that the light, though maybe not visible at the time, always exists. We open our eyes to it and put our feet to the path… READ MORE


Goodbye 2017… What Falls Away…

I sort of decided to give myself a bit of a Christmas break… like when I was a kid and had two weeks ogirl-843076_1920ff of school. I can still remember the feeling of freedom and excitement… mmmm…. yes! So, the past couple of weeks have intentionally been less about getting stuff done and more about allowing some down time. Just enjoying it… and also giving myself time to reflect as the year came to a close.
For me, the end of the year is about releasing and letting go. Reminding myself of my core WHY in everything I do… and then reviewing the year as to what served that WHY and what didn’t. Getting clear about that, the things that don’t serve naturally fall away… and that makes room for even more of the stuff that matters. The trick is to keep my ego in check, otherwise I find myself wanting to hold on… feeling like I’m losing something… even feeling “less than”. Or… feeling this urge to go after things I don’t even really want deep down in my soul. Spirit knows even when I don’t. That’s the grace part. And that’s what I’m learning to count on more and more. Ahhhh…. grace. It’s my chosen word for 2018…  READ MORE

“Let Love Lead Us…”

I just wanted to share a little image video I just put together for a song from my new EP “Watch Lovejoy-1823937_1920 Rise”. When I discovered the Sara Bareilles gem “Love is Christmas” a year ago and had a chance to perform it, it was like coming home. It expressed everything about Christmas and what it means to me in one little package of a song. I absolutely fell in love with it… READ MORE

“Hi… remember me? It’s Grace. Can I come in?”

I got a “download” the other night. I was lying in bed… the light of the full moon keeping me awake (not to mention the thoughts and worries spinning in my head)… when I heard:Lauri_Jones_Blog_Grace

“You are too strong”.

It sounds kind of judgy and critical, but I felt an odd sense of relief hearing that. It was gentle and caring… and felt like love.
I’ve been feeling an extra dose of anxiety lately… always a sign to check in with myself. To the deep inside part of me. To the spirit in me. Prolonged periods of anxiety usually signal to me that I am in my head too much… too ME-focused in a  “little me” kind of way. That it is ALL up to “little me” to make things happen… READ MORE

My Video is a POSI Award Finalist… Please Vote! :-)

I just wanted to let you know that my video “Watch Love Rise” is a finalist in this year’s emPower Posi Awards. An honor! The Posi Awards “celebrate the powerful music and extraordinLauri_Jones_Watch_Love_Rise_ Official_Videoary artists who are transforming lives and helping to create a world that works for everyone through the power of Posi-tive music”.
Here’s the deal: The video category relies primarily on public / fan voting. It’s a great way for ALL of the videos to get exposure… and also to introduce people to POSI music… READ MORE 

Official Music Video Release!

Hello, Friends! Just a quick note to formally announce the release of my first official music video! (prelude to the new album coming out early August). It’s been a really fun, organic process creating this and I’m excited to share! A very special “Thank You” to Ann Hanlin, Eric Montgomery, and “Buddy the Country Canine” 😉 for helping to bring this inspiration to life in such a beautiful way… READ MORELauri_Jones_Watch_Love_Rise_ Official_Video

“What you seek is seeking you”… magical, mystical, mission-driven co-creation!

So… if you haven’t gathered from my recent blogs and posts (!), I’m pretty enamored with the very insplauri-jones-blog-what-you-seek-is-seeking-you.JPGired and organic way certain artistic pursuits have been evolving over these past several months. And when I say pursuits… it really feels like these “artistic ventures” have been pursuing me rather than me pursuing them. ​Maybe it’s like that Rumi quote: “what you seek is seeking you”. Whatever the case, it all makes me feel like I’m in the right place… at the right time… doing what I’m meant to be doing. Not “little me”, but “bigger me”, dancing and co-creating with divinity.
Well, OK… it’s also just so much damn fun!!! There is that. 🙂 I mean, yeah, it’s a lot of work, and takes considerable time and energy… but when things line up like magic and I’m in the midst of the creating, time stands still and there is no place I’d rather be. God, I love that feeling.  I know you know what I mean… we all have times like that. And when life isn’t  feeling so magical (we all have those times, too), I appreciate the divine moments even more. And I look to those times to remind me and help me stay the course. And to stay focused on the WHY. If I can lift and open hearts with my music and presence… if I can help bring about even a slight shift in awareness that alters just one small step in someone’s journey (rippling out to all of humanity)… then I am fulfilling that mission. And immersed in the joy of that. 🙂

So, in addition to the new CD in the works… the collection of live recordings that transpired through “divine intervention”… there is a new music video that’s just about ready for release. I’ve wanted to shoot a video since the release of “Walk Your Life”… and thought it would be a song from that album… but I just kept getting the hit, in light of the times we’re in, to bring “Watch Love Rise” to life in this very visually experiential way… READ MORE