Goodbye 2017… What Falls Away…

I sort of decided to give myself a bit of a Christmas break… like when I was a kid and had two weeks ogirl-843076_1920ff of school. I can still remember the feeling of freedom and excitement… mmmm…. yes! So, the past couple of weeks have intentionally been less about getting stuff done and more about allowing some down time. Just enjoying it… and also giving myself time to reflect as the year came to a close.
For me, the end of the year is about releasing and letting go. Reminding myself of my core WHY in everything I do… and then reviewing the year as to what served that WHY and what didn’t. Getting clear about that, the things that don’t serve naturally fall away… and that makes room for even more of the stuff that matters. The trick is to keep my ego in check, otherwise I find myself wanting to hold on… feeling like I’m losing something… even feeling “less than”. Or… feeling this urge to go after things I don’t even really want deep down in my soul. Spirit knows even when I don’t. That’s the grace part. And that’s what I’m learning to count on more and more. Ahhhh…. grace. It’s my chosen word for 2018…  READ MORE