Watch Love Rise…

flock-of-birds-591334_1920.jpgFlashes of inspiration… nudges… “divine leads”. Pretty incredible when you open yourself up to them. But I have to say, the rational mind can get a little wigged out with it all and try to tell you you’re a little cray cray.  Like when you hear Melissa Etheridge singing the song you just wrote. So clearly. In your head. But I digress… more on that later. 😉

I want to talk a little about songwriting inspiration in particular. I’m not the kind of songwriter that cranks out a ton of songs. Or haven’t been, anyway. I tend to wait until I feel something that really needs to be expressed. I have to be inspired. And then I try to get some clarity about it: what is it exactly that needs to be expressed and why? I sit with it. With the muse… with the Great Spirit… with whatever it is inside of me that is wanting to express. Like sitting with a dear friend… just being with them. Listening. Really listening. And allowing the “conversation” between us to unfold. Getting everything out there… raw at first… and then caressing and refining until “we” are singing together. That’s how I know when it’s become a real song. When I can’t get it out of my head. I’m singing it and feeling it and can even hear the full orchestration in my head and being. I become one with the song and the spirit it came from. Pretty amazing, actually… READ MORE