Lauri_Jones_Blog_StretchingI’ve been doing some pondering (what, me?) 😉 … kind of about the whole spiritual concept that we are “whole, perfect, and complete” just as we are. This is the heart of spiritual principle and something we hear and say a lot. But do we really get what that means? And is it possible to sometimes misuse… or, dare I say… abuse this knowledge?

But first let me say that yes… yes, we absolutely are whole, perfect and complete. There is a spirit in us, an essence, that is pure, unconditional love… and unconditionally loving and lovable. One with God. One with the Universe. This is the deep down Truth that I believe and hold dear. My song lyrics reflect this:  that “it’s enough”… that all you need to do is “come back to your heart… to all that you are”… and that “love will provide”. I believe all of these things. Yet, I kind of think there is a danger in how we interpret this. Yes, grace is essential in this thing we call “being human”…  allowing grace for ourselves and others along life’s journey. But maybe… just maybe… we sometimes use “I am perfect just the way I am” to justify certain things… and maybe we let ourselves off the hook a little too easily when we know we can be doing better. And by “doing better”, I mean loving better. Loving our bodies better by taking better care of them. Loving each other better. Loving our planet better. Loving by taking loving action… READ MORE