Needs Improvement???

Lauri_Jones_Blog_Needs_ImprovementThis week, in an attempt to “clean house”, I went through old documents in an accordian file… various documents from the past decade or so… literally “shredding” my past. Wow. All kinds of feelings came up, some of them unexpected, as I revisited years gone by. In addition to a “mood journal” from 11 years ago (What a trip! More on that later…), there was rental information from a variety of living scenarios, health records, check stubs and past employment documents. I’ve been so happy and at peace lately… living freer than I ever have in so many ways… that I had almost forgotten some of the trials and tribulations along my journey that brought me to where I am now. Uncomfortable as it was pouring through some of that paperwork, it gave me an even greater appreciation for where I am today. The lyrics to my song, What Falls Away, have never felt so true: “the hurting, the crying… the stumbling and trying… all part of a greater good… what falls away, brings me closer to what I’m meant to be…”. And, just to be clear, it’s not that things just… ta da!… fall away like magic. It’s more about becoming aware of the things that are no longer serving our real selves and allowing them to fall away. And that process often takes great courage and strength. Growth… as in real change… is not necessarily meant to be comfortable… READ MORE