New Dawn, New Day, New Life… Spring!

Lauri_Jones_Blog_New_Dawn_New_Day_New_LifeI love seasons. I need to live in a place with seasons. I’m always ready for them… for the changes both externally and internally that they bring. Spring is kind of a tough one here in the Pacific Northwest, though. We are more than ready for warmer, sunnier days by the time March rolls around… and we do get some “teasers” in there… but mostly, the grey and rainy days persist, sometimes well into June. So it always kind of comes up on me unawares… the official day of spring equinox. It was actually Facebook that alerted me with “Happy first day of spring, Lauri!” But, thinking about it now, I did feel it. Even before I realized it was spring, I felt a subtle shift… an openness to and awareness of new life. Inside and out. A sense of freshness… of breathing cleaner air, literally and metaphorically…   read more


One Love… Just Imagine.

One Love… Just Imagine.

One Love

You Tube link: Imagine – Interpreted & performed by Lauri Jones – with photography

Perhaps my greatest ode to the concept of “one love” is a photo video I created to my very own interpretation of John Lennon’s timelessly profound song, “Imagine” (from my latest album). It is a beautiful and moving piece celebrating the vision of oneness.

“You may say I’m a dreamer… but I know I’m not the only one… I know one day we will join up… and this world will live as one…  we are one… the world is one… just imagine…”

Meditate on the song… the pictures… the melody… the words… and send this energy out into a world that needs it.

Namaste, my friends.

Imagine – Interpreted and performed by Lauri Jones – with Photography




In your eyes…

In your eyes…

So much of spiritual practice involves going within… tuning into the depths of our own being and listening to that still, small voice inside. But lately I’ve been reminded of the importance of external feedback. Not in the sense of seeking approval… but as sort of a gauge. The truth is, we can sometimes get too close to ourselves and our lives to really see. We often need another person’s eyes to gain perspective and bring into sharper focus the ways in which we are showing up in the world. Are we living out the intentions we have set? Are we making progress? Are we growing? We can’t always answer these questions on our own. Especially when our intentions involve other people and making an impact. And, really, doesn’t everything come down to that?  Read more…